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Lakeside House

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HP Home Design

Custom home design is the process of creating a unique house that is tailored to an individual's specific preferences and needs. It involves collaboration with a designer and focuses on personalized layouts, materials, and features. This approach allows for a home that reflects the homeowner's lifestyle and taste, providing flexibility in design to prioritize what matters most to them.

Custom Home Design

Custom floor plan

High-performance and passive house designs prioritize energy efficiency and comfort. High-performance homes use high-quality materials, advanced construction techniques, and efficient heating/cooling systems to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. Passive houses take this a step further, maintaining a comfortable temperature year-round with minimal energy use by utilizing natural heating/cooling sources and being extremely well-insulated.

High-Performance & Passive House

Passive house sketch
Interior kitchen design

Architectural rendering is creating realistic images or models of a building before it's built. It helps visualize the design, showcasing details like layout, materials, and textures. This tool is essential in custom home design for previewing and refining a project before construction, ensuring the final outcome aligns with expectations.

Architectural Renderings

Addition and renovation design involves updating or expanding existing structures to meet new requirements or preferences. This process tailors spaces to current needs without building anew, focusing on enhancing functionality, aesthetics, and value. It can range from minor updates to major expansions, integrating seamlessly with the original design while introducing modern conveniences and styles.

Addition and Renovation Design

Addition and renovation design
Drone view of Construction site

Project Management

Project management for custom home projects or extensive additions and renovations at our firm extends beyond our core design services. While we specialize in crafting personalized home designs, we also collaborate seamlessly with other designers or architects. This approach ensures that every aspect of your project aligns with your vision, budget, and timeline. We coordinate all parties involved, manage permits and compliance, and address challenges efficiently, ensuring a cohesive and high-quality outcome.

Duplex dwelling

Accessory Dwelling Units

Secondary units, garden suites, and laneway homes optimize property space by adding compact, separate living areas. Ideal for family, rental income, or boosting property value, these designs efficiently use available land, whether as backyard homes, garden-based dwellings, or alley-facing houses, enhancing urban or rural living spaces

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